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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

São Tomé Creating Magalhães Factory?

Read this article this morning-- a little in awe:

Says that the Ministry of Education has gotten together with the producers of the Magalhães (also known as the Intel Classmate, I believe) to start building a factory on São Tomé that would produce these computers, creating 200 jobs and benefiting internal and external markets.

Mrrrr...? Wondering if my email to Magalhães sparked something a few months ago. But I doubt someone as small as myself could have had that effect.

Which means...has this been planned all along and the Ministry has told us nothing of it?

Inquiring minds want to know what is going on and how this is affecting São Tomé's children.

Here's the quick translation via Google Translate:

Sao Tome receives factory to produce Magalhães

Published by House of Bits at 10.24h on 13 December 2010 10 comments
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The JP Sá Couto signed this week-end an agreement with the government of Sao Tome for the establishment of a factory in that country that will produce computer equipment for the local market and in other regions of Africa. 

The protocol was signed between JP Sá Couto, the company responsible for manufacturing the laptop in the Portuguese education supported reference design from Intel Classmate, and Sao Tome minister of education, culture and training. 

According to information released by Lusa, works for the new plant to begin in February next year and the structure shall, at startup, at least 200 new jobs. The investment figures were not disclosed. 

João Paulo Sá Couto, company administrator, said at the signing ceremony of the protocol that the company will "do a partnership with the Government, where we go from one point to export to other neighboring countries and, ultimately, we will have a platform here contained in this protocol we signed, "detailed news agency. 

"We not only produce Magalhaes computers for internal consumption, but also for export to neighboring countries. So we will be promoting their own digital inclusion and also to allow our students to gain future access to various opportunities that the development itself will bring "he added Olinto Daio, education minister of Sao Tome was quoted by Lusa . 

Remember that the Magellan, in Portugal, has just arrived in its third generation, launched earlier this month, as the note gave TeK. 

By the way, the laptop used in the first cycle of basic education has been exported to countries like Venezuela and is on the verge of becoming also used in schools in Argentina .

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