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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I know I am speaking too soon. It's been very slow moving and another person's "promise" to follow up soon doesn't mean much. But it still makes me excited:

From Professor Miguel:

Olá    Elizabeth
Nós marcamos a audiência com o Ministro,ele orientou a sua secretária para nos dizer que este assunto
deve ser tratado no sector do Planeamento do Ministério de Educação.
Já fomos ao sector do Planeamento,conversámos com a Directora do citado sector,ela auscultou as nossas preocupações;Falamos  acerca do nosso programa,da disponibilidade do Embaixador de TAIWAN
em nos ajudar,do objectivo que temos com o programa de informática,etc.
A Directora do Planeamento ficou muito satisfeita em  nos ouvir e prometeu solucionar este assunto brevimente.
 As aulas de informática estão prestes a iniciar.Estamos a fazer alguns acertos.


Hello Elizabeth

We made an appointment with the Minister [of Education], and he had his office tell us that this subject should be addressed in the Ministry of Education's Planning Division.

We went to the Planning Division, talked with the Director and she listened to our concerns. We talked about our program, of the offer from the ambassador of Taiwan to help us, and of our objective with the computer program, etc.

The Director of Planning was very satisfied with what we said and promised to find a solution to this soon. The computer classes are ready to begin. We're doing a couple of checks.

Kisses-- Miguel

PLEASE keep your fingers crossed-- and if you know anyone at the São Tomé Ministry of Education or the Embassy of Taiwan-- let me know!!

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