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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Lisbon. I know this airport too well.

Didn't really sleep on the plane, due to my inability to put my seat back because of the size of the woman sitting behind me. SATA also successfully lost one of my bags- basically the one that had all the clothes, presents and toiletries in it! So I have a bunch of bags filled with computers to keep me going...but I will get there dirty as all hell and not having slept in three days.

But then again, this is where all the really great stories come from!

I'm also very lucky, as my cousin, Marina, works in the lost and found in Lisbon, so she's been helping me look for my luggage. Imagine her surprise when she saw me- I didn't even tell her I was coming because I knew I was just passing through and felt bad that I wasn't coming for a visit! She's always pretty collected though, so after her initial shock it was back to normal.

Can hardly keep my eyes open, and still have a solid 9-10 hours before checking in. Trying to find a cute little spot where I can plug my computer in and watch movies all day (thanks Polly for the genius suggestion).

See you in São Tomé, hopefully with all my [now four] bags in tow!

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