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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

20 minutes to showtime

It's 5:40pm and I'm leaving my dad's condo in Newburyport, MA for the bus station so I can catch the 6:30pm bus to Logan. When I get there, Nuno Puím himself, the director of SATA (USA branch) will be waiting for me so that we can get those computers on the plane.

I'm not worried about the travel from Boston to Portugal; that will be easy. I am a little bit worried about going from Portugal to São Tomé, because I have a lot more luggage than I was expecting. One of my suitcases heavily surpasses the 50lb weight limit that there will be in Portugal. I'm not sure how to avoid it at this point. SATA needs me to have my computers in boxes, and TAP needs me to have my computers not in boxes but in suitcases. So...I put computers in boxes and those boxes in my suitcases and when I get to Portugal there will be a *LOT* of rearranging (including stuffing computers into my carry-on laptop case and my purse and the like to reduce the weight of Mondo Orange Suitcase).

So tomorrow morning, I'll be the girl in Lisbon airport hanging out in the women's restroom with open suitcases all over the place, shifting computers from one bag to the next, and trying to make about 30lbs disappear into thin air. I've made it this far; I refuse to believe I can't do it. Who cares if science is against me?

Will report more tomorrow morning. It's going to be a wild ride- that we cannot doubt!

See you on the other side of the Atlantic-

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