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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Thursday (Rabbit Rabbit)

Not much to report today. Teachers had a busy exam day so I didn't go into the school, except to return Adelina's computer, which I had quite magically fixed so that it could sense the network again simply by restarting it. It's so frustrating because I know I have restarted computers before that couldn't sense the network and that definitely did not help them, so I of course submit a sort of "help ticket" with OLPC and restarting, as per their suggestion, works like a charm. Oh fudge!

Talked with Dany about the possibility of using a battery + inverter combo to charge the wireless internet at the school. I think we're going to talk to an electrician next week about it.

Made an appointment with Roberta to talk to the US Embassy tomorrow and Voice of America next week about funding our computer programs. Also looking into a few other groups that may be able to help us out as well. Keep your fingers crossed.

Party last night went great. We all had an awesome time, and quite a few of my friends came by (it was really really nice). Even my girl Bianca came, who I hadn't seen since last year!!! Tonight the party continues, as a few of us are going out for Polly's last night. Will definitely be a good time.

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