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Saturday, February 6, 2010

$7 away...

Got seven bucks? Help buy our 8th computer for São João!!

Or make a bigger impression by talking to your company, local news source, or other organization and see if you can help with a donation of ten or more computers.

News for the day:

Right now we're looking for media attention. If you know of anyone interested in following our adventures, or if you want to write/blog/video about it on your own, please get in touch with me.

Might be doing an event in April at the Hillyer Art Space near Dupont Circle. Will keep you all posted on if it's happening!!

Got another email from Miguel. Things are going well and kids are still creating their email addresses. It looks like the classes are now being divided between kids that have email and kids that don't, so that the kids without email can create their own accounts.  I'm not sure what the kids with email are doing. I would hope that they are working on a new project, but Miguel hasn't given me much detail.

The kids are continuing to write me emails and respond to everything I write. It is adorable. And also very tiring because I feel like I need to respond to each and every one!

That is news for today.

B-Sizzle, aka Timestopper, aka Maximum Beth

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Please click the button below to donate to STEP UP OLPC to support the São João school's computer program in São Tomé:

Donate $200 and you will be paying for a computer for at least FIVE very special children at São João (as estimated computer life is five years). Thanks so much!

Want your donation to be tax-deductible? Send a check to STeP UP with OLPC in the memo. Then mail it to:

Eric McClafferty
Kelley and Drye
3050 S St. NW, #400
Washington, DC 20007