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Monday, December 14, 2009

Class Notes: December 14 (final class before break)

Today was a frustrating class. We were going to use the Internet today but the energy went out just as we were starting (again). The teachers and I didn't really have anything planned because we had never had an official planning period. They kept looking to me and I was frustrated that they did that- that they wouldn't look to each other instead. I suppose tomorrow it will be necessary to explain to them the importance of these Friday planning sessions, and to always have a backup!

I went around filming the kids. I didn't do any teaching today. The teachers were good at what they're used to- teaching. The planning part, not so much. They ended class way too early. I'm not sure why they did that. But the kids are so excited...I know they have to get there somehow. I'm hoping the guide books will help.

But it's true. There is only so much these teachers can teach ABOUT the computers without actually USING the computers. We need to get more computers to this school STAT. And while we're at it, a generator is also in high order so we can actually use the Internet for ONCE IN TWO MONTHS!!!!

I did get some really good photos and videos of the kids. I'm hoping to save some of the programs that they're working on so that I can show them to people in Boston when I get there. I'm bidding on computers on EBAY so that I can hopefully get my hands on one for Kadema. If not, I suppose that money will go to other things. Hmm.

At one point I'm filming the kids and the interviews they give are very eye-opening. A lot of them say, “My name is _____ and this is my first time in the 6th grade.” What a different world where it is not expected of a child to only go through a grade once!

One of the teachers, Professora Arlete, asked me if the kids will be taking the computers home over holiday break. I say of course; the computers belong to them. Here eyes open widely. She is still a bit cynical about the idea of doing this. But she is also one of the most brilliantly organized teachers- able to take any idea and just run with it, developing a whole lesson plan in seconds. I am hoping to win her over someday.

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